Our Goals
Fast Track Education consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is committed in its mission of helping Nepalese students who deserve multiple latencies in Higher Secondary level and aspire to study abroad in the valuable international institutions which could shape their future career. Fast Track serves to these students who have enthusiasm in achieving better further education moreover, our focus is on skill generating education which becomes platform for creatively of the students.

In the 21st century globalization and the age of ultramodern technology, we want Nepalese students also should appear to mainstream of the age. Fast Track Education is conducting various classes for the students who aspire to gain knowledge of the course and enhance the skill in advance. The classes includes behavioral skill, Mass communication etc. So the students who choose Fast Track for abroad study feel comfortable and hopeful over there in their mission. Moreover the classes like TOFEL/ILETS/SAT/GRE/GMAT are conducting from this institution which is very much helpful for them for their better future studying abroad.